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-Temporary changes to our procedures-

Updated April 2021

Thank you to all of our amazing clients! It has now been a year living with the changes our society has experienced, and we look forward to the future of seeing your smiles again.


 Beauty And Beasts Salon and our stylists take the current Covid-19 pandemic serious. We have made temporary changes to our, processes, and safety measures to safely continue our operations in accordance with Arizona guidelines.

We ask for patience, understanding, and are very excited to continue working!

The following are some of our requirements:

- Masks must be worn in the Salon. If you already have one please wear it upon entering the salon. We want all of our staff to have the opportunity to get vaccinated, as well as other clients, and are hopeful we can soon move forward without the need.

- If possible, come to your appointment alone, we must keep the amount of people in the Salon at a minimum.

- If you are sick we will kindly reschedule your appointment as soon as your feeling better. If you have certain medical issues such as a cough unrelated to Covid-19, please contact us and we can discuss a plan.

-We have hand sanitizer located at the entrance, please use upon entering.

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